BasqueStage Candidate Post

18 Oct

Due to the fact that I am currently attending Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, I took it as a perfect opportunity to use one of my production days in class for this post! I am presently in my baking and pastry class. So far it has been a very interesting experience, especially for someone like myself who rather be behind a stove with a knife in hand then baking cookies, but come to my surprise i’m starting to get a feel for it! So today’s production consisted of baking Lemon Meringue Pie. I started off by making the dough for it which was Pate Sucree.

Once the ingredients were all mixed together and formed into dough, I layed out some flour onto my table top so that I could roll out the dough and later on cut out using a pizza cutter my dough to place into my baking pans.

Once the dough was set into the pans, it was time to bake them! While that was in the oven, I went ahead and started making my curd, which would be my filling for my pies. Before pouring the curd into the pie dough, I set it in the walk-in to chill, so that it could set. By this time my pie dough was ready to take out the oven. Once my curd had chilled, I was ready to pour it into my pie doughs.

The next thing I had to make was my meringue, which after mixing all my ingredients together in a mixer, I stuffed into a pastry bag so that I could then pipe it over my curd.

The next part was my favorite and the most fun part of today’s production! After all of my meringue was carefully placed on top, I used a flame torch to torch the top of my pies, adding a bit of color as well as presentation to them.

Once that was done…

Final touch…

The thing I am starting to realize with baking is that it’s allowing my creative side to come out more with something totally new to me. I can not wait to see what else lies in front of me!


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